Wolfs anatomiske hævert

International names:

Hydrostatic pressure; Der anatomische Heber; siphon anatomique; sipho anatomicus

  • Category: Pressure
  • Hauch number: C05
  • Inventory number: 1410
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 3000
  • Literature:
  • Martinus van Marum: 101
  • The King George III Collection: E104
  • Cataloque of Mechanical Instruments, Museo di Storia della Scienza, Firenze: 2,069
  • Wolf(1721) I §58
    Desaguliers(1744) pl.X fig1
    's Gravesande(1747) I pl.47 fig.5
    Adams(1794) V pl.I fig.16
    Gehler(1787-96) II p.585 (tab,XI fig.68)
    Gehler(1825-45) V s.137

Wolfs anatomiske hævertWolfs anatomiske hævert
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