Wedgwoods pyrometer

International names:


Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Pyrometer, Wedgwood's. Mahogany box 200x120x70 with sliding lid; containing clay crucibles and cone pellets. Pull out brass scale 174x68 in drawer at the side. Scale in the form of a tapering groove. Scales 0-120 and 120-140. Pellets are marked 1,2,3 or not marked.Ref: Det phys Cab vol 2 p 57, pl 17 fig 10, 11, 12.Not signedc1800 (g)

  • Category: Heat
  • Hauch number: E32
  • Inventory number: 6170
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 1685
  • Literature:
  • The King George III Collection: E149
  • Wedgwood(1782);
    Tychsen(1794) I p.449
    Gehler(1825-45) VII s.979-83;

Wedgwoods pyrometerWedgwoods pyrometer
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