International names:

Lever; Hebel; Levier; Vectis

English description:

Balance. Angled beams

Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Balance. Angled beam. Turned mahogany base Dia190. Turned brass pillar Dia12-14, H100 supports a vertical brass plate 235x235, 1mm thick with 5mm wide and 195mm long slits along left, right and top edges. In these slits pulleys can be displaced and fastened. 2 brass levers rotatable around the centre of the plate can be secured at any angle and rotate as an angled beam. Cords over the pulleys with weights act as balancing forces.Ref: Det phys Cab vol 1 p95, pl 16 fig 3.Not signed1800 app (g)

  • Category: Statics
  • Hauch number: B24
  • Inventory number: 950
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 294
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