Trisse og kors

International names:

Pulley; Rolle/Scheibe; Poulie; Trochlea

English description:

Pulley stand

Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Pulley stand. Mahogany. To demonstrate that a pulley wheel can be considered equivalent to 2 levers joined at one end in a right angle. It also demonstrates that the length of the cord's contact with the pulleys has no influence on the equilibrium. Wooden base 485x120. Overall H545.Not signed1800 app (g)

  • Category: Statics
  • Hauch number: B35
  • Inventory number: 650
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 93
  • Literature:
  • Nollet, J. A.: 3,09436
  • Sigaud de Lafond : 1,1307
  • Martinus van Marum: 13
  • Cataloque of Mechanical Instruments, Museo di Storia della Scienza, Firenze: 2,17
Trisse og korsTrisse og kors
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