Segners hydrauliske maskine

International names:

Segner's hydraulic machines, Segnerisches Wasserrad, Machine hydraulique de Segner

Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Turbine. Segnèr's. A mahogany frame supports the sheet metal turbine, consisting of a top container for fluid, which escapes through slanted holes at the bottom. Here the fluid enters the rotor, also through slanted inlets, thus forcing it to rotate. A tray at the bottom has a spout for letting the fluid out. The rotation is via an angled mahogany gear transferred to a horizontal mahogany axle, by which a burden may be hoisted. Overall H760. Mahogany base 330x210.Not signedc1800 (g)

  • Category: Pressure
  • Hauch number: C09
  • Inventory number: 1430
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 361
  • Literature:
  • Martinus van Marum: 107
  • Desaguliers(1744) pl.XXXIII fig.9




    Gehler(1787-96) IV p.8

    Gehler(1825-45) VII s 1186


Segners hydrauliske maskineSegners hydrauliske maskine
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