International names:


Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Magic cup. Green glass beaker Dia70 H100 is at the bottom connected to a glass flask Dia70 H110 by a narrow (Diac5mm) opening. Glass foot Dia85. The lower flask is surrounded by a turned wooden cover, in 2 parts (defective) Dia115 H230. Purpose: a fluid of small density (wine) is poured in the lower flask, and water in the upper cup. The two fluids will slowly change place: magic, the water turns to wine!Ref: Det phys Cab, vol1 p129 pl23 fig10.Not signedc1800 (g)

  • Category: Pressure
  • Hauch number: C17
  • Inventory number: 1670
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 464
  • Literature:
  • Sigaud de Lafond : 1,2004
  • Gehler(1787-96) III p.944

    Gehler(1825-45) VIII p.671 (Tab.XIV fig.304)

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