Montvilles friktionsmaskine

International names:

Friction machine

English description:

Apparatus for studying friction

Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Friction machine. Montville's. Mahogany base 350x117. Uprights H190 carry bearings for 2 brass wheels Dia114, which again support the axle of a mahogany flywheel with steel in its periphery for inertia. This axle is pressed down by rollers Diac12, mounted in a brass bearing-housing, the pressure, hence the friction, being adjustable by tightning thumb screws.Signed: Le Cape- d'Arte de Montville, Ingr Mechn Invenit & Fecit Copenhaguec1800 (g)

  • Category: Mechanics
  • Hauch number: A51
  • Inventory number: 3670
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 1560
Montvilles friktionsmaskineMontvilles friktionsmaskine
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