Kinesisk bismer

International names:

Chinese dotchin; chinesische Waage;

English description:

Chinese Dotchin

Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Balance. Chinese Dotchin. 2.a) Shaped mahogany case L310 with 2 bismers: ivory beams L260 and L105. Brass pans Dia 66 and Dia24. b) Shaped mahogany case L 405 with 1 bismer: ebony beam L338. Brass pan Dia100. Graduation by tiny beads of silver inlaid in the beam.Not signed1790 app (g)

  • Category: Statics
  • Hauch number: B27
  • Inventory number: 1040
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 296
  • Literature:
  • Martinus van Marum: 7
  • The King George III Collection: D102
  • Thurkow(1978)

Kinesisk bismer
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