Jordglobus. Armillarsfære

International names:

Armillary sphere

Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Armillary sphere. Ptolemaic. 12 inch terrestrial globe. Brass armillaries, horizon, meridian, equator, altitude, azimuth. Sun and moon movements by gear train operated by crank. 0-meridian through London. Base Dia210. Overall Hc650.Signed on base: Neale Patentee / Company / AT THE MILE END FACTORY.Signed on globe: A NEW / GLOBE / OF THE EARTH / Laid down according to the latest / Observations / BY / Richard / Cushee / 1730 / Sold by R.Cushee of the Globe and Sun near St Dunstan's Church in Fleet Street LONDONc1790 (g)

  • Category: Geo mat
  • Hauch number: M02
  • Inventory number: 5712
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 1678
Jordglobus. Armillarsfære
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