International names:

Globe. Terrestial

Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Globe. Terrestrial. 12 inch diameter, Dia300. Plaster on pasteboard. 12 paper gores, polar caps Dia53. 0-meridian passes Canary Islands. Octagonal oak horizon ring Dia422 supported by 4 wooden arcs to a turned wooden base.Ref: Michael Højlund Rasmussen: Restauration project 1990 (Det kgl danske Kunstakademi, Copenhagen.). See also: Der Globusfreund no 38-39 1990: Symposium Report.Signed: Prenobilissimo, Spectatissimo, atque Honoratissimo Viro Domino JOBSTIO de overbeke Patrono omni honoris cultu suscipiendo Globos hosce d.d.d. Joh: Be_er Anno 1722.1722

  • Category: Geo mat
  • Hauch number: M03
  • Inventory number: 5720
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 1680
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