English description:

Triple tracks for fall experiment

Danish Instrument Inventory text:

Triple tracks for fall experiment. The 3 brass tracks are: part of circle, cord and cycloid, all 3 starting and ending at the same points. 3 Wooden balls Dia12 and a brass plate with 3 fingers for simultaneous release of the balls. Mahogany base 630x115x45, overall H420.Not signedc1800 (g)

  • Category: Mechanics
  • Hauch number: A60
  • Inventory number: 3240
  • Danish Instrument Inventory number: 1546
  • Literature:
  • Sigaud de Lafond : 1,0903
  • Martinus van Marum: 43
  • The King George III Collection: M72
  • Desaguliers(1734); XXVII, fig. 8-9

    's Gravesande(1747) pl.17 fig.3

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